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COVID-19: Branch Guidelines / Accounts / Credit Score / Debit & Credit Cards / Online & Mobile Banking / Skip-A-Payment

COVID-19: Branch Guidelines

Are branch lobbies open to the public?

Beginning Monday, May 18, 2020, BayPort branch lobbies will reopen to the public.

Can I come in the branch for my transaction?

Yes, branch lobbies are open for teller transactions and other in-person member assistance.

Do I need to make an appointment to visit the branch?

No. Appointments are not necessary for general member transactions. However, we recommend for your convenience you do make an appointment for loan inquiries and closings, adding additional products and services, notary requests and to become a new member of BayPort.

How many members are allowed in the branch at a time?

A limited number of members will be allowed inside the branch at a given time and will need to maintain six-feet of distance from one another. You may be asked to wait outside when the lobby has reached capacity.

Who is allowed inside the branch?

We love family. However, at this time, we ask that only the person conducting the transaction come into the branch. If you have your children with you, we encourage you to use our drive-thru or speak with a YourTeller for general account transactions.

We also recommend for your convenience you make an appointment for loan inquiries and closings, adding additional products and services, notary requests and to become a new member of BayPort.

Are non-members allowed in the branch?

Non-members wishing to establish membership, cash a BayPort check or conduct shared branch transactions are allowed in the branch.

Do I have to wear a facemask to come inside the branch?

All BayPort staff will be wearing facemasks. We kindly ask our members and guests to do the same. This is simple precaution we can all take to help protect one another.  To properly identify you, you may be asked to briefly lower your mask, remove hats and sunglasses and provide a valid picture ID.

What are your hours of operation?

Find your branch to view lobbies and drive-thru hours.

If I have to wait to see a Member Representative, how will I know when it’s my turn?

If we have reached branch capacity, you may wait outside or in your car. We may ask for your cell phone number to call or text you when a Member Representative is available to see you.


How long will BayPort have limited capacity in the branches?

We are following guidelines provided by health officials and federal agencies in efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and will adjust operations according to their recommendations.

What is BayPort doing to prevent the spread of coronavirus?

Plexiglass sneeze guards have been installed at each teller station and Member Service Representative desk, and all staff are required to wear facemasks. Additionally, the branches are cleaned nightly; staff have supplies to wipe surfaces during the day; hand sanitizer is available; and we are educating employees on best practices recommended by the CDC.

What services can be completed in the drive-thru or YourTeller lanes?

Teller transactions can be performed at all branch drive-thru and YourTeller interactive teller machines. All non-member and shared branch transactions must come inside the branch.

Can I still use online banking or the mobile app for my transactions?

Yes! Members are encouraged to limit face-to-face activities and access self-serve options when possible. Log in to Online Banking or download the BayPort Mobile App.

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Can I call BayPort for assistance?

Yes, our Contact Center is available for general account information and inquiries. We may be experiencing higher than usual call volumes and appreciate your patience. Find other options at Contact Us.



Who is eligible for membership?

We offer membership to people who live, work, worship, volunteer, or attend school in the cities and counties in the Tidewater and Hampton Roads, Virginia area.

How do I add a joint owner to my account?

If you are opening your account(s) with a joint owner/co-applicant, they must be present during the enrollment process in order to validate their identity. If they are not available, open your account as an individual and request the appropriate application(s) to have a co-applicant added at a later date.

Can my child have an account?

Yes, BayPort offers a variety of accounts specifically for youth with an accompanying custodian/parent as joint owner; or you may add your child as a beneficiary to your own accounts.

Can I open a business account online?

To open a business account, you must visit a branch and have the following information:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Tax ID number
  • Business date of formation
  • State of formation
  • Annual revenue
  • Business activities
  • Source of funds
  • Purpose of account
  • Business Documentation (if Business Documentation is not located on Secretary of State Website)

Can I have direct deposit to my checking or savings account?

Yes, direct deposit may be designated to either a savings account or checking account.

Who can make deposits to my account?

Anyone can make deposits into your account, but only account owners may withdraw from the account.

What is SCRA and do I qualify?

SCRA stands for Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. The SCRA provides for protections for existing consumer loans, credit cards, and mortgages to be afforded to members of the armed forces as they enter military service (active duty) and other listed positions. You may be eligible for financial relief.

Who is eligible?

Members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, including members of the National Guard, as they enter military service (active duty*), as well as commissioned officers of the Public Health Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration engaged in active service. Some of the benefits afforded to servicemembers by the SCRA also extend to servicemembers’ spouses, dependents, and other persons subject to the obligations of servicemembers.

*Active Duty: In the case of servicemembers who are members of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard, active duty is defined as “full-time duty in the active military service of the United States. Such term includes full-time training duty, annual training duty, and attendance, while in the active military service, at a school designated as a service school by law or by the Secretary of the military department concerned. Such term does not include full-time National Guard duty.” 10 U.S.C. § 101(d). Note the term “military service” under the SCRA also includes National Guard members under a call of duty authorized by the President or the Secretary of Defense for more than 30 consecutive days and servicemembers who are commissioned officers of the Public Health Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration engaged in “active service.” 50 U.S.C. § 3911(2).

Type of Relief Available

  • Reduce your loan obligations to no more than 6.00% APR on all loans, including credit card consumer, mortgage, and student loans, originated prior to entering active duty status. The 6.00% APR will not apply to loans originated after entering into active duty status.
  • Adjust monthly loan payments to reflect any change in interest rate.
  • No late charges for past due loan payments during the period you are covered by the SCRA.

In order to be eligible for relief, you will need to provide the Credit Union with a written request indicating you would like to take advantage of the SCRA along with a copy of your military orders calling you to active duty status as well as any orders further extending military service, within 180 days of release from military service. Upon review and approval of your request, you will be provided relief until the date of termination.

For additional questions or to request relief, please contact us at (757) 928-8850 or (800) 928-8801 and ask to speak to our collections manager or one of our collections supervisors.

What is BayPort’s routing number?

Routing #251481368


Credit Score

What is Credit Score?

Credit Score is a free service offered to BayPort members that shows your latest credit score, gives you an understanding of the key factors that impact your score, and shows you the latest offers that can help reduce your interest costs. With this new program, you’ll always know where you stand with your credit and learn how BayPort can help you save money.

What do I get from Credit Score?

You’ll receive a monthly update of your credit score. Plus:

  • Access to your full credit report
  • Credit monitoring alerts
  • Tips to improve your credit score
  • Learn how you can save money on new loans and existing loans from other financial institutions

Is there a fee?

No, Credit Score is entirely free, and no credit card information is required to register.

Why is BayPort offering this free service?

Credit Score is an educational program that can help you manage your credit so when it comes time to borrow for a big-ticket purchase—like buying a home, car, or paying for college—you have a clear picture of your credit health and can qualify for the lowest possible interest rate. You’ll also see offers on how you can save money on new and existing loans with BayPort.

What’s the difference between Credit Score and other credit scoring offerings?

Credit Score pulls your credit profile from TransUnion, one of the three major credit reporting bureaus, and uses VantageScore 3.0, a credit scoring model developed collaboratively by the three bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. This model seeks to make score information more uniform between the bureaus to provide consumers a better picture of their credit health.

Will accessing Credit Score ‘ping’ my credit and potentially lower my score?

No. Checking Credit Score is a “soft inquiry,” which does not affect your credit score. Lenders use “hard inquiries” to make decisions about your credit worthiness when you apply for loans.

What if the information provided by Credit Score appears to be wrong or inaccurate?

Credit Score makes its best effort to show you the most relevant information from your credit report. If you think that some of the information is wrong or inaccurate, we encourage you to take advantage of obtaining free credit reports from, and then pursuing action with each bureau individually.

Will BayPort honor my score in Credit Score for loan applications?

If your score shown in Credit Score is different than the scores we get from the credit bureaus, simply print out your score and let us know. We will review your information and determine if there is a better offer we can provide you.


Debit & Credit Cards

How do I report a lost or stolen Mastercard debit card or credit card?

Call (757) 928-8850 or (800) 928-8801 to report lost/stolen cards.

How can I protect myself against fraud?

BayPort constantly monitors your accounts for suspicious transactions so you can travel with more peace of mind. If you are traveling, be sure to submit a Debit/Credit Card Travel Notification Form located under “Secure Forms” within Online Banking. Also be mindful of card skimming devices whenever you have to swipe or insert your card at any merchants or vendors.

How do I get a replacement debit card?

If you need a replacement debit card, please visit one of BayPort’s convenient branch locations. At the branch, you will be instantly issued a replacement debit card that can be used immediately. If you’re not able to visit a branch location, contact us at (757) 928-8850.

How do I change my PIN?

To setup or change a STAR pin number, you may call (757) 244-STAR (7827) and follow the instructions at the prompt.

Can I transfer my credit card balances through Online Banking?

Yes. Login to Online Banking and select Credit Card Access under the Additional Services tab. If you have not registered your card, you will be asked to in order to continue. Select Balance Consolidation under the Services tab located at the top of your screen and follow the prompts.


Online & Mobile Banking

How do I log on to Online Banking the first time?

To access Online Banking, you must use your STAR (Audio Response) PIN. If you have not yet set up a STAR Pin number, contact us at (757) 928-8850. Upon obtaining your STAR Pin Number, log on to Online Banking using your account number and STAR Pin Number. You’ll then be prompted to create a new username and password. Your username will replace your account number for Online Banking login.

What happens if I’m locked out of Online Banking?

You may call our Contact Center at (757) 928-8850 or (800) 928-8801 to have your password reset.

Can I access my account through an app?

Yes. Through the BayPort Mobile App, you can access your transaction history, transfer money, Bill Pay, and more. The BayPort Mobile App is available for download in the Apple App or Google Play store.

What browsers and settings work best with online banking?

BayPort’s online banking currently supports the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari 10

To check if your browser version is supported, find your browser below.

Google Chrome (Mac)

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • On the Menu Bar, select More, then click About Google Chrome.
  • The version number is located on the screen that appears.

Google Chrome (Windows)

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • On the Menu Bar, select the wrench image, then click About Google Chrome.
  • The version number is located on the screen that appears.

Internet Explorer (Windows)

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • On the Menu Bar, select Help, then click About Internet Explorer.
  • The version number is located on the screen that appears.

Mozilla Firefox (Mac)

  • Open Mozilla Firefox.
  • On the Menu Bar, select Firefox, then click About Mozilla Firefox.
  • The version number is located on the screen that appears.

Mozilla Firefox (Windows)

  • Open Mozilla Firefox.
  • On the Menu Bar, select Help, then click About Firefox.
  • The version number is located on the screen that appears.

Safari (Mac)

  • Open Safari.
  • On the Menu Bar, select Safari, then click About Safari.
  • The version number is located on the screen that appears.

How do I complete an international wire transfer?

BayPort partners with OFX to provide international wire transfer services to our members. Log in to online banking or create a free OFX account.

How do I complete a domestic wire transfer?

To initiate a domestic wire transfer, please visit one of our convenient locations or contact us.

Outgoing Domestic Wires

  • The minimum amount for a wire transfer is $100
  • All Wire Transfer Requests must be received by before 12:00 p.m. for same day processing.

Incoming Wire Instructions
Wiring instructions to members who may want to send funds to the Credit Union. Send to:

  • BayPort Credit Union, One BayPort Way, Suite 350, Newport News, VA 23606
  • Routing #: 251481368
  • Final Credit: Members Name, Account #, and Suffix # that funds should be deposited to. (Example 123456-05)

How does Zelle® work?

When you enroll with Zelle through Online or Mobile Banking, your name, the name of your credit union, and the email address or U.S. mobile number you enrolled is shared with Zelle (no sensitive account details are shared—those stay with BayPort Credit Union).

When someone sends money to your enrolled email address or U.S. mobile number, Zelle looks up the email address or mobile number in its “directory” and notifies BayPort Credit Union of the incoming payment. BayPort Credit Union then directs the payment into your bank account, all while keeping your sensitive account details private.

Learn more about Zelle ▸

Can I access Online and Mobile Banking from anywhere in the world?

No. While you can access Online and Mobile Banking from anywhere in the United States and all over the globe, for our members security, access from the following countries is blocked: Unknown State, Thailand, Indonesia, Ukraine, Brazil, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, South Africa, Albania, Vietnam, Pakistan, Malaysia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Spain, Iraq, Czech Republic, Armenia, Taiwan, Cambodia, Latvia, Nigeria, Turkey, Bolivia, China, Belarus, Cameroon, Mauritius, Romania, Brunei, Laos, Paraguay, Argentina, Turkey, Australia, Japan, Taiwan



Which loans qualify for the Skip-A-Payment program?

New and used vehicles, motorcycles, boat and RVs, and personal loans are eligible for the Skip-A-Payment program. Real estate loans, FlexLines, ODP repayment plans, term loans, student loans, consumer credit cards, business loans, business credit cards, and PayDay loans are not eligible.

Can I add the $30 Skip-A-Payment program fee to the balance of my loan?

No, the $30 fee must be available in the share account you specify and will automatically be deducted upon receipt of request. The $30 processing fee is per loan, per request, if completed through BayPort’s Online Banking. A processing fee of $35 is charged per loan, per request, if completed at a branch.

Can I skip two months in a row?

You cannot skip two consecutive months, though you may be able to skip two months per 12-month period.

  • Eligible loans financed up to a 60-month term: Skip a loan payment up to two (2) times per 12-month period, with at least a 90-day span in between two (2) Skip-A-Payments. Only 10 months of payment may be skipped over the life of the loan.
  • Eligible loans financed over a 60-month term: Skip one (1) loan payment per 12-month period.

When can I skip my first payment?

You must have had the loan open and made three (3) months of payments to be eligible for the Skip-A-Payment program.

What if I have an automatic payment set up?

Automatic payment is a great way to pay! However, with Skip-A-Payment, if you have a recurring payment scheduled via Online Banking or another financial institution, this payment will process unless canceled/altered by you.

Will my loan still accrue interest when I Skip-A-Payment?

Yes, interest will continue to accrue on your loan during the month of the skipped payment. If your loan has Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance, the payments skipped will not be covered if a claim is filed. Skip-A-Payment does not result in the credit union covering the cost of your month’s payment or making the payment on your behalf. Rather, your payment is deferred, and the term of your loan is extended accordingly.


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