Fee Schedule

Effective July 1, 2019. Fees subject to change without notice. The following fees may be assessed against your account(s) and may reduce earnings.

Account History / Research

First monthly requestno charge
Additional requests$1.00 each
Account research / reconciliation$20.00 per hour
Duplicate statement, copy of electronic document or balance verification letter$1.00 each
Duplicate IRS reporting forms$5.00 each


Certified checks$5.00 each
Check cashing (non-BayPort Credit Union account)$3.00
Check-by-phone$5.00 each
Coin redemption (non-members)10% of total
Money orders$2.00 each
Garnishment / levy$20.00 each
Teller check$2.00 each
Stop payment$29.00 each

Excessive Usage

– more than 12 teller-assisted withdrawals per calendar year

$1.00 each
Fast Start Savings
– more than 1 withdrawal per calendar quarter

$5.00 each
Christmas Club
– more than 1 teller-assisted withdrawal per calendar year

$1.00 each
Vacation Club
– more than 4 teller-assisted withdrawals per calendar year

$1.00 each
Money Market
– more than 3 checks cleared per month

$5.00 per check
Excessive transfer/check in accordance with Regulation D$5.00 per transaction

Checking Accounts

Investment Checking
– min. average daily balance <$1,000.00
Personalized Checking
– min. average daily balance <$250.00
Fresh Start Checking
– monthly service
– no monthly direct deposit
Rewards/College & Career Rewards/Teen Rewards Checking without eStatement$2.00


If account is overdrawn for more than 7 consecutive days$3.00 daily
Returned NSF Fee* (regardless of reason)
– checks/ACH/debit card/ATM card/bill payment
– deposited checks and other items returned unpaid
– excessive transfer of funds more than 6 transfers per month in accordance with Regulation D (paid item)
$29.00 each
Overdraft Privilege (Paid NSF)
– checks
– recurring debit transaction
– bill payment
$25.00 each


Check printingvaries, see catalog
Counter/starter check$5.00 each
Copy of canceled check
– view Online Banking
– first 2 monthly requests
– additional requests
– original (within 60 days)
no charge
no charge
$5.00 each
$5.00 each

External Transfers

IRA external transfer$20.00 each
Popmoney – premium transfer$5.00 each
Wire transfer
– incoming domestic
– outgoing domestic

no charge
$20.00 each


Re-opening of account within 60 days of closing$20.00
Savings account-inactive balances less than $100 and no activity in a 12-month period$7.00 per month
Single service low balance fee-aggregate (Savings, Vacation Club, and/or Christmas Club only)
monthly average daily balance <$500.00
$3.00 per month

Pinnacle Money Market

Low balance fee (min. average daily balance < $2,500.00)$10.00 per month
Closing fee (within the first 90 days of account opening)$100.00
More than 3 checks cleared per month$10.00 per check
Excessive transfer/check in accordance with Regulation D$10.00 per transaction

Mastercard® Gift Card

Mastercard® gift card$3.95 each (+ card value)
Reloadable Prepaid Mastercard®
– Maintenance and transfer fees may apply. See prepaid card disclosure.
$4.95 each (+ card value)

Bill Payment

Available on all checking accounts
– 1 bill or more paid per month
– monthly service (less than 1 bill paid per month)
– bill payment concierge for members in Select & Premier relationships
– bill payment concierge

no charge
no charge

ATM/Debit Card

ATM balance inquiry
– first two monthly occurrences
– each additional inquiry

no charge
Overdraft Privilege by transaction amount (paid NSF) - ATM card or everyday debit card
– Less than $10.00
– $10.00 to $25.00
– over $25.00

Overdrawn with card
– no overdraft options available paid item

Non-proprietary ATM network fee$1.00 per transaction
Replacement ATM/Debit Mastercard card$5.00
Transfersno charge

Deposits are permitted for BayPort Credit Union cardholders at those ATM machines that allow deposits. Refer to BayPort Funds Availability.

No surcharge will be assessed to BayPort Credit Union cardholders who use our ATM machines.

When you use an automated teller machine not owned by BayPort, you may be cahrged a fee by the ATM operator or any network used (and you may be charged a fee for a balance inquiry even if you do not complete a fund trnasfer). For additional information, please see your “Important Account Information for Our Members” brochure.

*The categories of transaction for which an Overdraft Fee may be imposed are those by any of the following means: Check, In-person Withdrawal, ATM Withdrawal or other Electronic means.

Your savings federally insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government. National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency.

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