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  • Fighting Against Fraud - Holiday Edition

    Dec 16, 2016
    by Rachel Milteer - Holidays are here and so are the fraudsters. Watch me share the top 3 scams happening right now....

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  • Fighting Against Fraud

    Aug 09, 2016
    by Rachel Milteer - Fighting Against Fraud is back with an episode all about the most recent scams circulating. Check out how to keep yourself safe....

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  • Be Sure to Update Your Contact Information

    Jun 21, 2016
    by Rachel Milteer - So why do we need your contact information? You may feel like you only need to speak with your credit union when....

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  • Intro to Fighting Against Fraud

    May 06, 2016
    by Rachel Milteer - With fraud and identity theft becoming more and more prominent, we want to share valuable tips that can help you stay safe. We will have an ongoing series called “Fighting Against Fraud” where you’ll see me, Rachel, sharing ways to avoid scams....

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