Benefits you’ll love.

  • Remove a bill from your budget faster.
  • Access funds for surprise costs anytime.
  • Preview changes before you make them.
  • Never worry about fees or penalties.

Take-Backs in Action

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Introducing Take-Back Loans from BayPort.

Here’s how Take-Backs work.

Step 1

Pay ahead on your loan.

Pay more than your minimum monthly payment as your budget allows. Easily access your personal dashboard in online banking to see the impact of changes before you make them.

Step 2

Build your balance.

Every dollar you pay above your minimum payment gets added to your Take-Back balance. You can access this extra cash whenever you want. No penalties. No fees. Just financial relief.

Step 3

Get out of debt faster.

The more you pay ahead, the faster you can pay off your loan. And the more money you have available to access if you need it later. Giving you peace of mind today and tomorrow.

Step 4

Save on interest.

Paying off your loan early means you’ll owe less interest. The sooner the balance is paid off, the more money you’ll save! Just one more reason to celebrate being debt-free.


Which loans come with Take-Backs?
What happens when I get a Take-Back?
What if I never use a Take-Back?
Can I add Take-Backs to loans from other financial institutions?
Is there a penalty for paying off my loan early?

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