Bayport Credit Union: A Smarter Way to Bank
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Online Banking Enrollment is easy - here's how:

  • In the Username box, enter your Account #.
  • In the Password box, enter your numeric STAR PIN.

If you do not have a STAR PIN or need assistance,
please contact us.

Enhanced Login Security

Sophisticated technology that delivers convenience to your life also can be used maliciously to cause damage. BayPort Credit Union is committed to providing the best member experience online, and our Enhanced Login Security adds extra layers of protection to Online Banking.

When you attempt to log into Online Banking from a computer we don't recognize, Enhanced Login Security requires you provide additional information to verify your identity. This feature provides more protection against malware and other viruses that could gain access to your account.

  • Defends against identity theft and fraud
  • Provides security from any computer, wherever you are
  • Offers better security against malware and other keystroke capture software

Enhanced Login Security automatically improves your Online Banking experience and you'll appreciate the added protection. As your financial friend in the neighborhood, BayPort Credit Union is committed to improving the lives of our members in the Tidewater and Hampton Roads, Virginia, area.