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Online Banking Enrollment is easy - here's how:

  • In the Username box, enter your Account #.
  • In the Password box, enter your numeric STAR PIN.

If you do not have a STAR PIN or need assistance,
please contact us.


No matter your financial goals, BayPort Credit Union offers the cards that helps you achieve them. Our debit cards make it easy to manage your money every day while our credit cards provide flexible funds; both products can earn you rewards based on your purchases, too. And when you're shopping for someone, our gift cards are a perfect solution.

Credit Cards

BayPort's Mastercard® credit cards deliver the spending power you need with competitive rates so you can access money anytime.  

  • Choose between three Platinum cards that offer limits up to $35,000
  • Earn cash back, rewards points or get a great low rate

Debit Cards

Get the flexibility you need in your busy life with BayPort's Mastercard® debit card that you can use to manage your money quickly and efficiently no matter where you travel.

  • Use your debit card to withdraw, deposit and transfer funds at ATMs
  • Make purchases or withdraw cash at any merchant displaying the Mastercard® logo

ATM Card

When you're traveling you want to know that you can access your money at any time, anyplace. BayPort ATM Cards can be used worldwide.

  • 24-hour access to your funds through any ATM in our vast network
  • Withdraw money from locations around the world
  • Make deposits locally at many BayPort Credit Union ATMs

Prepaid Reloadable Card

These reloadable prepaid cards are a great alternative to using your credit or debit card by offering a secure way to pay for items without being tied directly to your checking account. When the balance gets low, just reload funds from your BayPort savings or checking account.

  • With four types of cards to choose from, select the right one for your spending needs
  • Rest easy knowing the card is not tied to your checking account
  • Easily reload funds online

Mastercard® Gift Card

Use this prepaid card anywhere Mastercard® debit is accepted. It's a great gift that your recipient will find convenient, secure and easy to use at stores and online.

  • Make purchases at various retailers
  • Use at gas stations

ScoreCard® Bonus Points

Everyday purchases can quickly earn you points redeemable for all types of valuable products and services.

  • Our credit cards give you one point for every $1 you spend
  • Our debit card gives you one point for every $3 you spend
  • Combine and redeem points earned on both