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Personal Loans

We give a boost to your finances when you need it most with different personal loans that provide you with either a lump sum of money or a revolving line of credit, depending on how you want to use it. Rely on BayPort to provide the convenience and value you expect. 

  • Overview
  • Rates

PayDay Cash Loan

These are structured to help you, not hurt you, with a repayment period of 30 days and a draw period of one year.
  • Account must be in good standing
  • Account must have been open for 90+ days
  • 18% APR applies to all advances
  • Must provide proof of income

FlexLine Line of Credit

FlexLine acts like a signature loan, so if you qualify, you access the money with your signature on a check.
  • Revolving line of credit
  • Cash advances and fund transfers can be completed easily
  • Use as overdraft protection on your checking account
  • Enjoy many convenient options

Personal Loan

Secure a great, personal loan that allows you to budget for your payments.
  • Use this loan for any purpose
  • Choose from several repayment methods
New/Used Vehicles/Motorcycles up to 6 years old
Rates Effective: October 1, 2018
Approx. Term (Months)Daily Periodic Rate (%)APR as low asAPR up to
12-480.0094 - 0.04933.44%*17.99%*
49-600.0097 - 0.04933.54%*17.99%*
61-660.0109 - 0.04933.99%*17.99%*
67-750.0118 - 0.04934.29%*17.99%*
76-840.0172 - 0.04936.29%*17.99%*
Used Vehicles/Motorcycles over 6 years old
Rates Effective: October 1, 2018
Approx. Term (Months)Daily Periodic Rate (%) APR as low asAPR up to
12-480.0122 - 0.05204.44%*18.99%*
49-600.0124 - 0.05204.54%*18.99%*
61-660.0137 - 0.05204.99%*18.99%*
67-750.0145 - 0.05205.29%*18.99%*
76-840.0200 - 0.05207.29%*18.99%*
New/Used Boats
Rates Effective: October 1, 2018
Approx. Term (Months)Daily Periodic Rate (%) APR as low asAPR up to
12-480.0134 - 0.04934.89%*17.99%*
49-600.0141 - 0.04935.15%*17.99%*
61-660.0148 - 0.04935.40%*17.99%*
67-750.0155 - 0.04935.65%*17.99%*
76-840.0216 - 0.04937.90%*17.99%*
85-1200.0230 - 0.04938.40%*17.99%*
Personal Loans
Rates Effective: October 1, 2018
Type of LoanApprox. Term (Months)Daily Periodic Rate (%) Annual Percentage Rate (A.P.R.)(%)
FlexLine Line of Creditnot applicable0.0246 - 0.04798.99% - 17.49%*
Personal Loanup to 600.0246 - 0.04938.99% - 17.99%*
Savings Securedup to 240.00823.00%
Share Certificate Securedup to share certificate termshare certificate rate plus 2.50%share certificate rate plus 2.50%
Vacation Club Securedup to 240.00823.00%
Penalty Fees
Late Payment Fee 5.00% of any unpaid portion of your loan payment amount
Return Payment Fee $29.00 If your payment is returned to us, you will be charges $29.00 for each returned payment

*Risk Based: The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) you receive will be within the range disclosed above and is based on your credit worthiness, your Member Relationship with the credit union, the age of vehicle, and whether or not it is an existing BayPort loan. Please ask us for the rate that you qualify for. All terms may not be available.