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Auto & Specialty Vehicles

When you hit the open road, you can cruise with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you, your passengers and your vehicle are protected with a high-quality policy at a good rate. BayPort Insurance is your trusted co-pilot for all your journeys.

We will customize a vehicle insurance policy that fits your needs and your budget. There are various types of vehicle coverage and levels of coverage available.

Auto & Motorcycle

Protect your auto or motorcycle with coverages that keep you moving ahead worry-free. Call 757.493.5140 or email to discuss the type of coverage that's right for you.

  • Collision Coverage pays for damage to your vehicle if you hit another vehicle or object
  • Comprehensive Coverage protects you if your vehicle is stolen or damaged by causes other than collision, such as fire or vandalism
  • Liability Insurance protects you from costs related to bodily injury or property damage if you're responsible for an accident
  • Bodily Injury covers bodily harm, sickness or disease (including death) that results from an accident
  • Property Damage covers physical injury to, destruction of or loss of use of tangible property
  • Medical Payments covers medical services for you, your family or your passengers if you're hurt in an auto accident or as a pedestrian
  • Uninsured or Underinsured Motorists pays for damage caused by a driver with inadequate insurance or no insurance
  • Extended Transportation Expenses pays for a rental car or other transportation (such as bus or taxi) while your vehicle is being repaired
  • Auto Loan and Lease Protection pays the outstanding balance of your auto loan or lease if your vehicle is deemed a total loss

Specialty Vehicles

BayPort Insurance finds the policy that fits your lifestyle when you want to protect your travel trailer, motor home, all-terrain vehicle and collectible automobiles. Call 757.493.5140 or email to discuss the type of coverage that's right for you.


Enjoy your time on the water more when you're fully covered with the proper boat owners/personal watercraft insurance policy. Call 757.493.5140 or email to discuss the type of coverage that's right for you.

Personal Liability

Protect yourself against a lawsuit with a personal liability umbrella policy that provides coverage beyond your primary home, auto and similar policies. This policy provides $1 million of additional coverage for as little as $170 per year. Call 757.493.5140 or email for more information.

Call 757.493.5140 or email to receive a BayPort Insurance quote on an auto or specialty vehicle policy.

Any insurance required as a condition of an extension of credit by BayPort Credit Union is not required to be purchased from BayPort Insurance, LLC and can be purchased from an agent or insurance company of the member's choice. Business conducted with BayPort Insurance, LLC is separate and distinct from any business with the credit union. Insurance purchased through BayPort Insurance, LLC is not a deposit, not federally insured, not an obligation of the credit union, not guaranteed by the credit union or any affiliated entity, involves investment risk, including the possible loss of principal, and may be offered by an employee who serves both functions of accepting member deposits and selling insurance.