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Student-Run Credit Unions

BayPort’s Student-Run Credit Union Program (SRCU) brings real world financial literacy and education into your school. Learning financial skills now that you will use throughout your life can make a world of difference. Make a move towards your future financial success through the SRCU program at BayPort. 

About SRCUs

BayPort Credit Union partners with local schools in the area to provide on-site access to financial services students need to gain experience and knowledge about banking while still under their parents’ wing. Once you head off to college or begin your career, you will be armed with the necessary tools to ensure financial success.

What is the Student-Run Credit Union Program?
BayPort and the partner school join to open a fully functioning credit union branch inside the school building. The tellers that operate the branch are students and receive hands-on experience learning and performing all duties from accepting membership applications to processing deposits. The students using the branch gain money management skills and banking knowledge.

Who can do business at the school branches?
Only students, faculty and staff that work at the school can conduct business at the SRCU during the day. The branches are open during select school lunch periods. All SRCU members can also visit any convenient BayPort location during normal business hours to conduct your banking business.

Participating Schools

BayPort currently has 50 local schools participating in the SRCU program.

  • Aberdeen Elementary School – Hampton
  • Abingdon Elementary School – Gloucester
  • Achilles Elementary School– Gloucester
  • Asbury Elementary School – Hampton
  • Berkeley Middle School – Williamsburg/James City County
  • Bethel Elementary School – Gloucester
  • Botetourt Elementary School– Gloucester
  • Carrollton Elementary School – Smithfield 
  • Carver Elementary School – Newport News
  • Coventry Elementary School – York County
  • Crittenden Middle School – Newport News
  • Dare Elementary School – York County
  • Denbigh High School – Newport News 
  • Dozier Middle School – Newport News
  • Florence Bowser Elementary School – Suffolk
  • Forest Glen Middle School – Suffolk
  • Gloucester High School – Gloucester
  • Grafton Middle School – York
  • Hampton Roads Academy – Newport News
  • Hardy Elementary school – Smithfield
  • Heritage High School – Newport News
  • Hines Middle School – Newport News
  • Jamestown High School - Williamsburg/James City County
  • Kecoughtan High School - Hampton
  • King's Fork High School – Suffolk
  • King's Fork Middle School – Suffolk
  • Kraft Elementary School – Hampton
  • Lafayette High School – Williamsburg/James City County
  • Lee Hall Elementary School – Newport News
  • Mt. Vernon Elementary School – York County
  • Page Middle School – Gloucester
  • Peasley Middle School – Gloucester
  • Peninsula Catholic High School – Newport News
  • Petsworth Elementary School – Gloucester
  • Poquoson Primary School – Poquoson
  • Poquoson Elementary School – Poquoson
  • Poquoson Middle School – Poquoson 
  • Poquoson High School – Poquoson 
  • Saunders Elementary School – Newport News
  • Seaford Elementary School – York County
  • Smithfield High School – Smithfield
  • Smithfield Middle School – Smithfield
  • Syms Middle School – Hampton
  • Trinity Lutheran School – Newport News
  • Warhill High School - Williamsburg/James City County
  • Westside Elementary School – Smithfield
  • Woodside High School – Newport News
  • York High School – York County
  • Yorktown Elementary School – York County
  • Yorktown Middle School – York County

Start Your SRCU

Recent studies have shown that America's students are in need of expertise and guidance when it comes to saving, budgeting and basic money management. An in-school student-run credit union branch serves as both an excellent educational resource and a convenient place for students, faculty and staff to bank.

Deciding to open a student-run credit union may seem overwhelming, but BayPort makes it easy.

Services Include:

  • Access to experienced consultants
  • Document packages for every program phase from SRCU approval to operation plans
  • Exclusive benefits for staff and students including scholarships

If your school already has a BayPort SRCU, opening an account is easy. Just visit the in-school branch during your lunch period and ask for a new member application packet. If your school is interested in opening an SRCU, call Kris Moore at 757.873.4074. As your financial friend in the neighborhood, BayPort Credit Union is committed to improving the lives of our members in the Tidewater and Hampton Roads, Virginia, area.