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Online Banking Enrollment is easy - here's how:

  • In the Username box, enter your Account #.
  • In the Password box, enter your numeric STAR PIN.

If you do not have a STAR PIN or need assistance,
please contact us.


BayPort Credit Union's Certificates are ideal for business owners interested in safe investment options with guaranteed returns for short periods of time up to 12 months. You can open multiple Certificates at different terms so money is always available from a matured Certificate. 

Your money grows at a fixed rate for the length of the certificate's term. The longer your certificate's term, the higher rate of return you will receive. When your certificate matures, determine if you need the money immediately or if you can reinvest in another certificate to increase your savings.

  • Minimum opening balance of $2,500
  • Various terms available: 91 days, 6 months and 1 year 
  • Earn competitive dividend rates that are guaranteed

Contact us at 757.873.4045 to open your Certificate, and you can start earning dividends immediately while diversifying your business savings. BayPort Credit Union is committed to improving the lives of members who own businesses in the Tidewater and Hampton Roads, Virginia, area.