CU Realty Home Rebate Program

Buying or selling a home? Why not get a cash rebate of 20% of your real estate agent’s commission – when you buy or sell using a CU Realty Approved Agent! With BayPort Credit Union and CU Realty you have unrestricted access to all the tips, tools and data you need to make informed decisions.

Enrolling in the CU Realty Home Rebate Program is fast, simple & free:

  • Click here to connect directly to the CU Realty registration, Realtor and home search database.
  • Or, if you prefer to call, contact our Mortgage Department and a representative will help you register, find an approved agent that's right for you and answer your questions about the rebate program.
Take a look at these average savings:
Home Sale Price
Rebate to Member*
*Rebates are awarded to buyers and sellers registered in the CU Realty program before they begin their home search or sale and who use a Realtor from the Approved Agent Network. Members who obtain an FHA loan are required to receive their CU Realty rebate at closing. Examples of rebate amounts shown here are based on 3% commission rate; your agent's commission rate may differ.

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