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Online Banking Enrollment is easy - here's how:

  • In the Username box, enter your Account #.
  • In the Password box, enter your numeric STAR PIN.

If you do not have a STAR PIN or need assistance,
please contact us.


Open any account with BayPort Credit Union, and you can access this money-management tool through our online banking system. It's another way we're providing more value and convenience to the accounts we offer. 

Now you can manage your finances in a central location when you use FinanceWorks, provided free of charge to BayPort members. You can track nearly every account, loan, investment, bill and credit card from BayPort and other financial institutions. 

You'll be able monitor your cash flow so you can see how you're spending, saving and investing money. Then you can make adjustments to increase your net worth and build toward a more secure financial future. FinanceWorks also allows you to categorize your transactions into groups, such as dining, groceries, utilities, auto and much more while delivering information through intuitive, colorful charts. 

You can access FinanceWorks through BayPort's online banking by clicking on one of the FinanceWorks links. If you have any questions, please contact us. BayPort Credit Union is committed to improving the lives of our members in the Tidewater and Hampton Roads, Virginia, area.