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Online Banking Enrollment is easy - here's how:

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  • In the Password box, enter your numeric STAR PIN.

If you do not have a STAR PIN or need assistance,
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Money Management

Money Management is a comprehensive financial management tool available in the mobile app as well as online. This tool offers a complete view of your finances including any other financial institution accounts you may have outside of BayPort.

With Money Management, you can view all of your accounts (BayPort and other financial institutions), track your budgets, follow your spending trends, and more, through Online Banking or the BayPort Mobile Banking App to help you become a better manager of your personal finances.

How to Enroll

To use Money Management, you must first be enrolled in BayPort’s Online Banking. Once enrolled, you may sign in on a desktop, hover over the Money Management tab in the main navigation, and follow the prompts to add your BayPort accounts and any external accounts.

How to Set Up


Add external accounts by logging into your other financial institution online banking platforms with those usernames and passwords. You may do this from either a desktop or a mobile device. Choose what accounts at those financial institutions to compile into the Money Management tool by clicking them. Once these accounts are added, the activity for each account will refresh and update overnight. You may add or delete accounts at any time.

How to Use


Money Management has several tabs in its main navigation menu: Accounts, Transactions, Spending, and Budgets. These main tabs will help you navigate to manage different financial categories such as dining, grocery, and utility for example. You can set budgets for these categories or even create your own under the budget tab.

You may also customize your view for whatever 30-day period you prefer. You can customize alerts and receive them via email, text message, or both. There are different alert categories to choose from such as when a bill due date is approaching or when a debt is completely paid off.



If you need assistance, Money Management offers direct support via web messages. On a desktop, click the question mark widget and submit a brief request. Money Management Support will respond to your request via the email address you have registered within the tool.


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