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Brace Yourselves, the Holidays Are Coming

Sep 21, 2018

By Darin Cowan

Has anyone else seen the Christmas decorations that are already out in stores? The Halloween décor that has been out since early August? The Thanksgiving decorations....wait, there are never any Thanksgiving decorations. My point is, the most wonderful time of the year is coming whether we are ready or not! Don't get caught off guard by the expenses that naturally come with this time of the year!


My wife and I got married last year. Let me tell you, I did not realize how much our shopping habits would increase just from getting married. I went from buying Christmas gifts for my parents, sister and wife to buying for my parents, sister, wife's parents, wife's brother and wife, nephew, etc. 


This doesn't apply to just Christmas. My wife has to have new fall décor every year, and every time I walk in our house after work, I find some new trinket or wreath hanging somewhere.  However, all of this is to say that my wife and I have a savings and a budget for this time of year. We know what we can spend on gifts and new décor. We know how much food to buy for those big holiday meals. We don't want to put a massive dent in our savings by not being prepared, so we prep beforehand to make sure that we don't put ourselves in a hole.


Some ways that you can also stay ahead of the holiday curve would be:

  • Make and maintain a budget
  • Open a Christmas Club savings specifically for the holiday season and build it up throughout the year
And if you’re up to it, research credit cards and even our FlexLine option! These can give you ways to make monthly payments towards your holiday spending rather than one large lump sum out of a savings account. So as the holidays close in, have your plans in place so that you can go through them with confidence and happiness!  



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