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Take a Spin

Sep 18, 2018

By Deborah Taylor

Ever felt that it’s time to go home from a busy day, and you are tired, exhausted, and overwhelmed? You may feel that you just want to go there and just sit, or do nothing for hours. I’m sure we have all felt that way, at some point. However, there may be a better way to feel refreshed, and take control of your life, by pulling the bicycle off the shelf, and taking it for a spin. 

After all, your bicycle does have super powers!



How do I know that?

You come home, and jump on your bike for a twenty minute spin. You take off, and feel the wind on your face and hair while the sun kisses your face.  Oh, the freedom you feel, flying pass streets and neighbors. The laughter of children, the barking of dogs, and a smile and nod from a neighbor. Before you know it, the stresses of your day begin to melt!

Not only have you mentally stimulated your emotions in a positive way, but you have just spent twenty minutes with a low-impact exercise that stimulated your heart, elevated your metabolism, and perhaps burned 100 calories while enjoying yourself.   Wow, this is a lot like our personal finances.

Why do I say that?

When we find ourselves in stressful financial situations, it is easy to just go home and deal with it later, or sit and mope about money problems - not empowering ourselves to act and just accepting it. There may be a better way to deal with the pressure, and feel great at the same time, just like the super powers of the bicycle.  

How can I do that?

At BayPort, we are eager to show you products and services that could help you relieve the stresses of the day. We have different programs that could actually provide freedom and benefit you in any financial circumstance. Additionally, BayPort has various affordable loan products that could help members manage their day to day challenges - all you have to do is take a spin!

Take a What?

TAKE A SPIN! After all, the bicycle and our branches are a lot alike. They both do have super powers, but you have to use them!

Stop by a BayPort branch today!! 




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