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Changing the Recipe

Aug 31, 2018

By Darin Cowan

Do you ever watch the Food Network, specifically Chopped, and think "How do these chefs come up with this stuff?"  There are so many different spices, flavors and combinations that each chef uses to make their dish harmonious and tasty.  If you think about it, each chef on all of those cooking shows has had hours upon hours of practice.  They use different ingredients to master each situation that arises in their respective kitchens.  While we are amazed at all of the crazy combinations and flavors that these chefs can seemingly pull out of thin air, it's important to remember they are professionals that have been practicing for years! 

I feel as if these chefs and their fun food combos can be used as an analogy for us and finances.  So let's break down some finances with these culinary terms. We are lucky that we don't have to go to France, like a lot of culinary students, to get an education in financial products, as BayPort offers you product overviews.  These are in place so that you can be educated and learn about which things would best benefit you and the main course of your financial well-being.

As part of any financial institution, we look to find which products work together to benefit us the most.  If you’re a BayPort member, do you have a Classic Checking account, but have a Mastercard® BayPort Rewards Credit Card?  Think about switching that checking account to a Rewards checking, that way you can "blend" those two "ingredients" together to earn you points faster! Another awesome benefit about being a credit union member is that we don't have to be in the kitchen alone! Any of our knowledgeable Member Service Representatives can assist you in finding the right mixture of spices that will make you successful. Just think of the BayPort staff as the blender to mix all of your flavors into one financial smoothie. Pretty sweet, right?

Your financial entree doesn’t need to have everything perfect right now.  It’s hard to navigate through the flavors of life and sometimes it gets overwhelming!  Take those first steps to try a new recipe and make your financial well-being into one cohesive dish. If you’re thinking “this isn't going to happen overnight,” you’re right, it probably won’t. The good news is that you get to keep changing the recipe until you get it just right for YOU.  Bon Appetit!

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