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Is Life Just Like a Kaleidoscope?

Aug 24, 2018

By Deborah Taylor

 For all of you over a certain age, do you remember the awesome kaleidoscope? This wonderful, optical instrument with two or more reflecting surfaces that tilted at an angle. This tool allowed one end of the mirrors to be seen as a regular symmetrical pattern when viewed. The tube often changed the color as well as the viewed pattern, with a simple twist of the lens. For other generations, you truly missed the toy of a life time! This phenomenal tube of cut glass could be changed simply by the twist of the scope from gray's to blacks, and exquisite and exciting hues of blues aqua and pastels. It actually changed the way to view the same cut glass, by changing the scope.

The amazing kaleidoscope often reminds me of how member's come into the branch, with situations and perceptions that could be changed with the twist of a scope. Now why do I say that? Simply because BayPort has financial coaches that speak with members every day and can provide assistance in changing the scope of various member situations.

What is a financial coach?

A financial coach is a BayPort representative, or Member Service Representative, that has been trained to ask the right questions. These representatives are skilled in listening to your circumstances. They know when to apply resources that are most certain to change the scope of how you view financial challenges including short or long-term objectives.

Why is financial coaching important?

Just like the kaleidoscope, sometimes the way we see the same object or situation, i.e., the cut glass in the tube, can be seen differently. When we are in a situation we may not be able to grasp the view or change the scope in the best and most equitable way. That is why having the relationship with a BayPort financial coach is important and they can offer sound and profitable guidance.

Is the glass half empty or half full?

Well, I say it depends on what’s in the glass. If it is something that you love, it’s half empty. If it's something that you have to drink, and it is awful, it is most likely half full. This is also how we sometimes view life circumstances; sometimes a little can still seem to full, or too overwhelming. 

Remember that Bayport has a lot of products, services and tools out there to help with most everyday life situations. Don't feel that you have to go it alone, stop by and speak with a BayPort representative today, or use our online resources, and allow us to help you turn the scope. Also, if the glass is half full, let's make sure it's full with want you want! 

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