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Specials & Events

National Credit Union Youth Month

by BayPort | Apr 05, 2017

April is National Credit Union Youth Month! That means all month long we are celebrating our younger members that have started saving early. It also means we want you to share with your friends all the cool things you have learned by having an account at BayPort and encourage them to start saving too. So what kind of things can you tell them:

  • Having an account helps me save up money for things I want.
  • BayPort even pays me a little extra something called dividends for the money I save.
  • I earn virtual coins for every deposit. Then I can redeem them for fun prizes.
  • And so much more!!!

In honor of National Credit Union Youth Month, we are featuring our highest earning youth savings account, Fast Start Savings. When you open a Fast Start account, you will be rewarded with super high dividends up to 5% APY*. That’s way more than your parents are getting.